Congressional Black Caucus 2018 SpecialEdition

By Clarence Brown

For 47 years the members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) have been fighting for our communities to improve our lives and represent our interest in the nation’s capital. They juggle the dual role of representing their individual districts while working collectively to advance important issues and fight discrimination against African Americans and other marginalized communities in the United States. Their goal is to ensure that we can all have the opportunity to achieve the American Dream. Back in 1971 when they first organized Shirley Chisolm a Democrat from New York was the only woman in a group of 13. It was Heart & Soul’s great fortune 47 years later to gather together 18 of the 21 women leaders of the CBC at the Rayburn building in Washington D.C. This once in a lifetime photo opportunity showcases the progress we have made but there is so much more to do. In today’s political environment we especially need these strong women leading us in the continued struggle for equal opportunities for our communities and families.

We are happy to present this special edition of Heart & Soul click below to red the entire issue


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